Effigies hung from Arkansas dam to scare vultures

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BULL SHOALS (AP) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is trying a new scare tactic for about 1,500 vultures that have taken up roost at Bull Shoals Dam.

Officials began hanging vulture "effigies" this week in hopes of discouraging the birds from getting too comfortable. The 10 effigies are made from corrugated plastic and resemble dead vultures.

Corps biologist Bruce Caldwell tells The Baxter Bulletin that although vultures like to eat dead animals, they do not like to be around dead of their own kind.

The vultures have caused more than $120,000 in damage to the dam.

The Corps opted for the effigies after their original plan - firing a propane cannon to scare the birds - failed to work. Officials say the birds circled after each cannon blast and eventually returned.

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