El Dorado named to CNN's list of America's best small town comebacks

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Despite changing times and the economy taking dips, somesmall towns have managed to get back up on their feet and evolve with changingtimes.

CNN is describing El Dorado as one of these impressivetowns.

"Then: Home to a 1920s oil rush that brought high hopes,rows of new buildings and 30,000 people to "Arkansas' OriginalBoomtown," the golden opportunity of El Dorado's namesake gave way to theGreat Depression and perpetual economic hardship. By 1980, the town'scommercial district was barely ticking.

"Now: Thanks to one huge civic mobilization, massrestorations, a new $14.4 million conference facility and a roster of annualfestivals, El Dorado has recouped its reputation as "the pride of southArkansas." The once desolate downtown is now lined with more than 65specialty shops, eateries, inns and the state's only operating art decotheater.

"Wow: Each May, the Bugs, Bands & Bikes festival features thousands ofrevving motorcycles gathered for a bike show/parade and a two-day Battle of theBands -- all seasoned with hundreds of pounds of the region's best crawfish."

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