El Paso-area Victim Remembered

EL PASO (KATV) -Sunday's storm had claimed 14 lives by the time it visited an area north of El Paso...where it would claim one more before leaving the state. Those who love 55 year-old Paula Blakemore say she may have been the last victim of the storm, but she'll be missed the most. Blakemore gave all she had to her grandson all weekend long. By Sunday night, she was exhausted. Too tired to be too concerned about her own safety. "She loved him," Adkins says of her sister's grandson. "And she would do anything she wanted to do. And so she was just exhausted. And she wanted to rest." Pleas from family and friends to make the quarter mile journey to her parent's tornado shelter just up the road were refused. A designer of buildings by trade, Blakemore lived in a mobile home that took a direct hit. Her body was recovered by searchers over 100 yards away. Adkins says it is another devastating blow to her and her parents, who will be burying their second child. Their son lost a battle with cancer five years ago. And now they've lost Paula. "It's just a major loss," says Adkins. "To so many people that knew her and loved her. And especially to my parents. I wish I could go back to Sunday and force her to come down here." The land that Paula and her family live on north of El Paso is known as Kirkland land. Donna says with aging parents and the loss of her sister, she will now be moving up from Hot Springs very soon. Air date: April 29th, 2014