Elderly woman injured during robbery, family pleads for arrest

Bridges Family

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Armed robberies sending victims to the hospital are on the rise in Little Rock. Just in the capital city, there have been more than five aggravated robberies in three days.

The Bridges family does not want KATV to identify their 84 year old mom. You can imagine how terrified they are, the suspects have the elderly woman's wallet and she is in intensive care. Her seven adult children say this was a careless act, not only did they take her purse and dignity but they stole her quality of life.

After church Sunday afternoon, the victim went to Walmart on Baseline to get some holiday decorations for her husband's grave. An annual tradition. "It takes on a whole different meaning now for us," Kaye Bridges Young says.

As she was placing the bags in the trunk, women got out of the passenger seat of a nearby car and asked for directions, then grabbed the purse, but the elderly woman was tangled in it. The male driver pushed the gas, drug and ran over her.

Kaye explains, "She has a broken leg, multiple contusions and she was cut very deeply on her right hand. I'm not sure if she's going to be able to use her hand again and she is right handed. The back of her leg where they ran over her, there is a huge hole that pretty much went through to the bone from the back of her knee."

Luckily, Walmart has surveillance outside and there were plenty of witnesses who rushed to her aid.

Description: The black couple was seen fleeing in a red, four door, Nissan Frontier. The pickup had a black cover. The pickup is a 90's or early 2000 model. The man and woman are in their 30's or early 40's. The woman is about 5'5" and about 125 pounds with long straight hair.

The Bridges family is pleading for the public's help for an arrest, so another family doesn't go through this. Surrounded by family, Kaye says, "All my mom had was $60 in her purse so they basically took her livelihood for 60 dollars."

The bridges family says, know where your elderly relatives are. After 46 years living near baseline, Bridges recently moved near family, but didn't tell them she still returns to shop in the area she is familiar with.

Little Rock police have not connected any of the recent crimes. They're still looking through surveillance video and getting witness statements. They have not made an arrest in any case below.

Some Little Rock Robberies Saturday-Monday:

Saturday: At about 4:45 Saturday afternoon an officer on patrol heard several "loud bangs" and then saw people waving for help. The owner of Urban Swagg and his girlfriend were attacked during a robbery at the store on North Bowman. The owner told police three suspects beat him and tied him and his girlfriend. He got free, grabbed his hand gun and ran after the suspects. They exchanged gunfire. Witnesses told police they believe the suspects got away in an orange and black Chevrolet Avalanche and a red Honda Accord. The suspects are black men. Two are likely between 20 and 25 years old and the third suspect is 25 to 30 years old.

Saturday: A woman placing groceries in her car at the Kroger located at 11400 Kroger was approached by a woman who told her not to scream. The woman suspect said she had a gun and told the victim to get in the car and give her a ride. The victim refused, took her house key off the key ring that was in the suspects hand. The victim says the suspect became nervous and ran back to a rust color PT Cruiser. The victim called police.

Sunday: Three men robbed the Wendy's restaurant at 10623 West Markham at about 9 p.m. Workers were told to get on the floor and a suspect with a handgun had one employee open the register. A suspect led a manager to the office to open the safe. The gunman got the cash and all three suspects fled. Workers say two of the suspects were 20 to 25 year old black men. The one about 6'0" tall wore a red bandana, gray hoodie and blue jeans. Employees were not able to describe the third suspect but say he was wearing a black coat and blue jeans.

Sunday: About about 1:45 witnesses called police to report a purse snatching and asked for an ambulance. They witnesses saw a woman in her 80's being robbed by a female suspect who was trying to take her purse. The male suspect drove with the victim still holding the purse. Police say the victim is in intensive care in Little Rock. The suspects got away with her credit cards and personal information.

Sunday: A man attempting to give someone a ride home was robbed by the man he only knows as 'T'. The suspect, 'T' told the man to pull over and then held a gun to his head and demanded everything. A second man who got in the car wrapped something around the victim's neck until he handed over his belongings.

Monday: At about 4 a.m., two women locking the Taco Bell at 9600 North Rodney Parham were forced back inside by two armed men. They told police the suspects were communicating on a two-way radio with a third suspect who was the look out. One woman was choked and kicked but not seriously hurt. The men were unsuccessful getting in the safe and fled on foot. Two of the suspects are described as black men 20 to 22 years old. One was about 5'4" and the other about 5'7". They wore black masks, black shirts and black pants. One of them was 5'