EMA explains residents hearing tornado sirens during non-warning

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- Neighbors in Saline and Pulaski Counties reported hearing tornado sirens in their towns over the weekend.

The only issue is the areas weren't under a tornado warning at the time.

"They were hearing the tornado sirens that were set off by the sheriff's department because when we set ours off, all 29 of them, are set off once the National Weather Service says there is a tornado warning for the county," said Andy Tranffenstedt about the Pulaski County tornado sirens.

Traffenstedt is Pulaski County's director of emergency management and said that's why Maumelle residents were hearing tornado sirens. It was coming from Pulaski County sirens nearby and not from the city.

"We would rather make sure everybody is alerted that there is a possible tornado, even if it's not in their area," Traffenstedt added. "There's always the possibility it could change directions or second storm could brew up"

As for Saline County, its sirens sounded Friday afternoon even though no tornado warning was issued. According to the 911 director, it was videos and pictures depicting a funnel cloud that made it pull the trigger on the sirens.

Since tornado warnings are issued by county and not sections of a county, many emergency management officials approach the tornado siren system in the same way -- when one sounds, they all sound.