Emerald Card Questions

One North Little Rock woman is questioning the convenience of having her tax refund put on a cash card after her cash started being spent in other states... even another country.

H and R Block is looking into this matter and there is a good chance Stashel Harris will get her money back.

But in the meantime, bills are due and her money is gone.

"It's time for me to go out and pay my bills and stuff," says Harris. "I can't pay my bills because my account is frozen."

Harris has been spending her time filling out an affidavit of fraud and forgery after money from her H and R Block Emerald card was withdrawn in Texas, Georgia...and even India.

"India?" wonders Harris allowed. "That's overseas. Who is using my card?"

Many choose to put their tax refund onto an Emerald card for many reasons.

You get it quicker and you don't have to pay a fee at a check-cashing or money center in order to access the funds. It is safer than carrying around cash. There are no annual fees, monthly fees or transaction fees charged by H & R Block.

Ms. Harris likes them so much she has her paycheck directly deposited onto her Emerald card.

Or at least she used to.

She canceled it after $350.00 was spent at a Family Dollar store in Atlanta last week.

"They're asking me all kinds of questions," says Harris. "Have you ever been to Atlanta? Do you know anybody in Atlanta? Do you ever let anybody use your card? I keep my card on me. This is my way of living. I have my payroll going on this card. My taxes go on this card. This is my card. I don't let anybody use it."

H & R Block says this is an isolated incident and they are working directly with Ms. Harris.

The money put on Emerald Mastercards is FDIC insured. If Ms. Harris can prove she was in Arkansas when these transactions were made she will likely get her money back.

Air date: March 29th, 2013