Victim dies, Investigation open in delay of emergency dispatch

(KATV) Little Rock - Twenty-six minutes. That's how much time passed from when a mother called 911 to say she and her son were trapped in their SUV inside a pond and when rescue was dispatched. The mother later died.

The Pulaski County Coroner says the woman was under water in cold temperatures while she waited.

Jinglei Yi, 39, hit a curb on Cooper Orbit Road, the morning of January 14. Officers on the scene say she hit "black ice".

Yi called 911 at 7:57. MEMS sent to the accident four minutes later but at 8:17, MEMS asked 911 if the Little Rock Fire Department was on its way to begin the rescue. That's when it was discovered that a rescue team had never been called.

At 8:23, 26 minutes after the original call, 911 dispatched the fire department to send a rescue crew.

At last check, the woman's five year old son was in critical condition.

Little Rock police and fire department are investigating how this delay could happen.

The 911 operator is suspended until the investigation is finished.