Emotional memorial service held for shooting victim

It's an emotional time for students and faculty at Arkansas Baptist College after a student was gunned down near campus just days ago, and his killer is still on the loose.

Tuesday night friends gathered for a memorial service to remember the victim, 19-year-old Derek Olivier.

It was a moving memorial service when glancing around and seeing so many young students around the same age as Olivier.

Several students came on-stage in front of the audience to tell loving stories, and one student dedicated a song.

"I was a little nervous, but when you think about the person that died or passed away, you'll do anything you know for that person and that family," said Kenneth Thomas of Little Rock who played a song on piano in memory of Olivier.

Thomas knew Olivier through various acquaintances on campus, ones he'll always remember.

"Positive, energetic, very educated a smart young man," Thomas added.

Olivier was only two days shy of his 20th birthday when he was murdered near the ABC campus, also two days shy of a special achievement as an Arkansas Baptist football player.

"Derrick's birthday was Saturday and it was going to be his first game, he was going to travel with the team," said head football coach Richard Wilson.

"They didn't think it was any better way to honor him than to go ahead and play the game."

The team went on to win that game in overtime in honor of Derrick.

"The biggest thing is trying to capture those great moments for that person, (that) added something to your life," Wilson said.

The college will take two of its buses for the football players and coaches to Louisiana on Wednesday for Olivier's funeral.

Little Rock Police said on Tuesday it believes this may be a random act of violence and they aren't sure if Olivier was even meant to be the victim of the shooting.