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Misdeedor misunderstanding?

Lee County says it was shorted toys in the Marine's annual Toys for Tots drive.

They were told two women claimed the toys meant for their county.

But one of those women says that is not true.

We have had a difficult time finding those two womenAngela Walls and Nikki Outlaw.

We found one Angela Walls in North Little Rock who told us she was not the Angela Walls we were looking for.

Then, after our story on this controversy aired last night, the right Angela Walls called us.

The southwest Little Rock office complex listed on Empowerment Ministries' web site was never used by Empowerment Ministries. And phone numbers for the non-profit are disconnected.

Toys for Tots organizers in Lee County claim Angela Wallsin the name of Empowerment Ministriestook a load of toys from the Marines intended for Mariana.

Walls says it is a misunderstanding.

Walls set up a meeting with the Toys for Tots coordinators Friday morning to clear things upbut Sgt. Victor Ramirez waited from 8:30 until 9:30 at the distribution warehouse and tells us Walls never showed up.

Ms. Walls also set up an interview with KATV to help clear things upbut later changed her mind.

According to her linked-in profile, Angela Walls is a minister, founder of Empowerment Ministries, CEO of Praise Productions and publisher of 4-His Glory magazine.

In a statement emailed to KATV, Walls says "Empowerment Ministries did not receive toys for Lee County. We only received toys for Little Rock/North Little Rock area. Every LR/NLR client received their toys."

Walls went on to explain that while she had planned to pick up and distribute toys for 30 families in Lee, St. Francis and other delta counties she was not allowed to get those toys because she says the Marines told her there was a toy shortage.

Air date: December 21st, 2012


"Empowerment Ministries did not received (sic) toys for Lee county. We ONLY received toys for Little Rock/North Little Rock area. Every LR/NLR client received their toys. We only signed that we had received toys for Little Rock area which was on the same sheet as Lee County; which the person in charge asked me to do. 2 days later we went back to pick up toys for Lee County as scheduled but we were told they were 5000 toys short; so we left. We called the 30 families that were on our Lee County list and explained that we weren't able to bring toys and for them to contact _______ regarding this matter. (He knows who he is).

I really hate this situation has occurred. Empowerment Ministries will continue to do the positive things that we do."

Pastor Angela Walls

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