Entergy Arkansas Update on Power Outages

Entergy Arkansas President and CEO Hugh McDonald held a 1 p.m. news conference on Friday to update customers on power restoration efforts and to answer questions on the utility's planning process for the Christmas day storm.

McDonald started by telling reporters that outages are down from a peak 196,000 customers without power, to 106, 000 customers as of Friday afternoon.{}Entergy has set a Tuesday goal for wrapping up all power restoration around the state.{}

When asked about planning for the storm, McDonald said the utility relies on forecasts from the National Weather Service to make its preparations.{} As a result of that plan, Entergy had brought in 100 out of state workers, which it spread throughout the state.{} After 8-10' of snow fell on Tuesday night, along with sleet, rain and heavy winds, the company eventually sent out the call for an additional 4,900 workers from 15 states.{} 2,700 of those are linemen, the rest are support crew.{} {}McDonald said financial considerations do not play a role in the company's planning for such disasters.

Overall, McDonald said he is pleased with his company's efforts to restore power, and said, "we're good at this (restoring power)"

McDonald said because of downed trees, some neighborhoods are going to be a challenge to work in.{} Those he mentioned specifically with large amounts of damage are Cammack Village, Foxcroft, and the Heights.{} {}{}{}{}