Entergy Customer Information Centers now open

(KATV) Little Rock - If you have tried to call Entergy Arkansas, understandably, it can be a long wait. So what better way to listen to customers than to open an information center and talk face to face?

An Entergy employee asks a customer, "Did you see any trucks in your area?"

Entergy Arkansas has opened customer information centers in Little Rock, Hot Springs and Malvern. People take a number and can talk to a representative that can call an employee out in the field in your area. A representative points at a map for a customer, "It looks like here, they have this main line on. Now they have to come back and get all these laterals."

Spokesperson Julie Munsell says, "Of course the million dollar question is "when" right? When are my lights going to be fixed? Gratefully people have been very patient, very understanding with us and we deeply appreciate that."

Munsell says they've enlisted the help of 5,000 linemen from 15 states. Plus, the weather Saturday is cooperating with crews. "We know we're going to make a lot of progress today, we're down to less than 50,000 without power and we're going to keep driving until it is all done."

A representative tells a customer, "It should be restored by 12pm Sunday. That is tomorrow night." The customer replies, "If that's the best they can do, that's the best they can do. I appreciate it."

So far, more than 300 customers have stopped by to get answers at the customer information centers. Munsell concludes, "We know there are a lot of folks out there who want information, who need information as they plan the rest of their weekend and their week. So we'll just keep this operational until it is no longer needed."

Entergy Arkansas expects the whole restoration back up by Tuesday, but says the majority will be on much sooner than that

LOCATIONS: Customer Information Centers will be open at 900 S. Louisiana Street in Little Rock, the Entergy Building at 324 Malvern Avenue in Hot Springs, and the Malvern Chamber of Commerce Building at 213 West 3rd Street. Detailed location information will be available starting Sunday to customers who call 1-800-9OUTAGE (1-800-968-8243), press option 6 and enter the ZIP code.

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