Entergy explains delay in restoring power to thousands of customers

It was long night for many Arkansans as they spent it in the dark. Needless to say many want to know when they can expect the power to be restored. The president and{}CEO of Entergy{}had some answers but it's not what people wanted to hear.

"Primarily today and tomorrow today especially is focused on getting out there seeing what the damage is assessing the damage and we'll have more crews coming in tonight and tomorrow," said Hugh McDonald, President and CEO of Entergy Arkansas.

It was a brutal way to end Christmas as high winds and freezing rain knocked out the power for many Arkansans beginning at noon yesterday.

"This is a significant very significant storm," said McDonald. "I don't think we would have predicted it would have been 190,000 customers," he said.

Entergy says the damage is significant, almost an understatement for the over 160,000 customers in the dark.

"We had resources in place initially to be able to handle what we knew would be some precipitation but it's much broader than I think a lot of folks probably expected," said Entergy spokesperson, Julie Munsell.

The electric company says all their crews are all-hands on deck but road conditions are making the process much more difficult than expected.

"The road conditions creating delays not just with customers but also with workers getting out and getting around actually doing the work it's just fighting mother nature all the way," said Munsell.

Full power restoration for all of Arkansas could take more than seven days.