Entergy warns customers it could take several days for power restoration

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--In addition to the weather, another concern for people is the power going out.

Last year's storm put thousand in the dark, but this year Entergy Arkansas has been planning since Monday to make sure power is restored as quickly as possible.

A total of 8,000 workers are in place for power restoration efforts.

Entergy believes it could potentially take them 5-7 days for all customers to have their power back on, and in case yours does go out you too should be ready.

"Having flash lights, batteries, you know prepare for potentially a cold house, whether that's firewood, kerosene lamps; careful with the kerosene from a safety perspective, could be a few days," said Entergy CEO Hugh McDonald.

Entergy Arkansas serves 700,000 customers statewide. While last year more than one-third lost power for several days, this year they've had more planning time.

"What's different here is that I think we have a more confident forecast of the weather," added McDonald.

Entergy officials said, a couple thousand utility poles could be damaged, but as they anticipate power restoration efforts across the state crucial areas will be dealt with first.

"Hospitals and those type of critical facilities, and so we limit restoration to those until the event subsides and it's safe for us to get out again," said Entergy Transmission and Distribution Operations Director, Brady Aldy. "You can imagine when the event starts it's all falling around us," added Aldy.

If your power goes out, report it or they won't know it's out.

Another important tip, Entergy officials said, do not try and move tree debris or touch any power lines, you could electrocute yourself.