Errors by Air-On

BENTON (KATV) -Several customers of a Saline county air conditioning installer are finding it hard to keep their cool.They all say they have been betrayed by a longtime friend. Aaron Halpain decided to name his company Air-On, a play off his first name. But from what we're hearing from his customers, Err-Or may have been a more accurate choice. When an old friend called Kyle Pryor with a great deal on a new air conditioning unit, he hired him."I've known Aaron for 20 years," says Pryor. "I wanted somebody local, somebody I knew who I thought I could take him at his word and trust him."Soon Aaron Halpain and his company, Air-On, was in Pryor's home. First it was going to be a new Carrier unit, then it changed to a new Trane unit. Then there were unforeseen costs. Six weeks after the job, Pryor still didn't feel right. Another company came in and found major problems."Specifically the PVC pipe ran to metal," explains Pryor. "You can't do that. There's a vent that's in here now that wasn't. The condensation line was running uphill."A state inspector found the Air-On install to be unsatisfactory, citing multiple code violations including a filter rack that is too small, no secondary drain or wet switch and improper sealing. And to add insult to injury, Pryor learned that his new unit...isn't new."The guys from Jones...who came and fixed everything...and the state and city inspectors said that this is an '07 and that this has been in use in someone else's home or business before," says Pryor. "This did not come off the shelf."The state HVAC board is currently investigating at least five complaints against Air-On and company owner, Aaron Halpain. They haven't been able to reach him, and so far neither have we.Air date: July 2nd, 2014