Escaped prisoner adds scary twist to Halloween in city

It sounded like it was taken from the script of a horror movie, but the event of a convicted murderer on the loose Halloween night was very real Wednesday night in England.

The city of England is not far from the Tucker Unit where Curtis Reese Jr. escaped on Monday. Families we spoke to in that area say it has had an impact on how they celebrate Halloween.

As ghosts and goblins patrolled the city streets of England Wednesday night, police have been doing the same in the past three days; searching everything from abandoned homes to storm shelters.

"I've talked to several citizens who are sleeping with their children and keeping them in the bed with them," said England Police Chief Nathan Cook. "You know, not sleeping soundly throughout the night and getting up and checking doors and windows."

Meanwhile people still handed out goodies for those that braved the darkness.

"There's fewer kids out and about it seems like, though there's no specific numbers that I'm going off of, just considering who's coming up to the door there seems to be fewer people," said Katie Jones who we found passing out candy in her neighborhood.

We hit the streets ourselves to see how parents are reacting to being with their kids on such a scary holiday, since a prisoner had escaped just a few miles away.

"Usually you can't even get up and down the streets in this neighborhood especially. This year it's just not near as many people out, and there's not as many people handing out candy this year as there usually is either," said Miranda Harrison as took her children door-to-door.

It could just be a coincidence that numbers are down, but one resident believes the unknown of where Reese Jr. exactly is continues to haunt many.

"A few friends of mine weren't even bringing their kids out trick-or-treating because they weren't safe walking. Everyone coming up with masks on, you just don't know who's behind the mask," Harrison added.