Ethics Complaint Filed Against Tom Cotton

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - It's not often a radio interview leads to an ethics complaint, but an interview with Tom Cotton on September 30th did.

"Congressman Cotton used public resources for political activity soliciting contributions for his campaign," said DPA Attorney Benton Smith.

Congressmen can't raise funds from federal buildings, and they say this interview proves he broke the rules.

Tom Cotton tells a different story.

"I walked off the house floor. I dialed into the radio show early, as I always do, and then I continued to walk out of the cloakroom and outside the Capitol building," said Cotton.

Radio host Hugh Hewitt says its his mistake, "I was watching the House on CSPAN at the time and just misspoke."

Hewitt also said the democrats never even asked him to about his statement. Democrats say even if that's true, the Congressman should have corrected Hewitt.

"He has an obligation based on house ethics rules to address that. He failed to do it at that time," said Smith.

Congressman Cotton calls that claim nonsense.

"I have no obligation to correct his mis-speaking, and it just goes to show how desperate Mark Pryor is to change the topic away from Obamacare," said Cotton.

Hewitt is a conservative radio host who has contributed to Cotton's campaign. The DPA said they hope the House takes this complaint seriously.