Eubanks Charged

Cleburne County (KATV) -

One felony charge with more coming soon. That is the situation facing a Greers Ferry boat seller.

We first told you about Gary Eubanks in early August.

But really his problems started brewing when the Attorney General filed suit against Eubanks back in January.

The number of alleged victims continued to rise...which finally forced police and prosecutors to act.

We have visited with some of the people who say they have lost thousands of dollars to Gary Eubanks.

We have showed you pictures of boats that Eubanks sold for them...only to fail to turn over any of the money from those sales.

We told you about the Attorney General's lawsuit.

We went to Greers Ferry and visited Eubanks' home. No one answered but we later learned he was in fact inside because he called the police to report us for trespassing.

And we showed you pictures of Eubanks...mug shots taken during past run-ins with the law.

Well Eubanks might be running again.

Within hours a felony warrant for his arrest will be issued...and more felony charges for theft by deception will be filed against Eubanks soon.

Prosecutors say too many people told them the same story.

"Well if you do it once or twice you can say well I just didn't have the money to pay them back," said Deputy Prosecutor Holly Meyer via phone from her Heber Springs office. "My business went under. But when you do it multiple times to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars... that simply doesn't make sense. It doesn't fly. And as you look at these together as a scheme there is undoubtedly a pattern of ripping off consumers."

Because of the number of victims from different jurisdictions the Arkansas State Police took over this investigation.

As many as thirteen felony charges are expected to be filed.

Air date: September 17th, 2013

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