Ex-Cons Exasperated


They have paid their debt to society.

Now a group of men want their boss to pay his debt to them.

It's a story of fresh starts turned into false starts.

Many ex-cons are frustrated by a lack of opportunities. This group is frustrated by a lack of payment.

Rashad McKinney and David Fleming...both of North Little us the two Maumelle yards at 515 Grenoble Circle that they worked to sod and landscape back in December.

They say they still haven't been paid for that work.

"He kept telling us 'I'm gonna pay you next week. I'm gonna pay you next week," recalls Fleming. "And he just never paid us."

"Did you ever get anything?"

"No," says Fleming. "The only thing we ever got was McDonald's hamburgers once or twice. And maybe he bought us a pack of cigarettes." their boss, Eddie Colquitt.

Colquitt hired McKinney and Fleming as well as two other men who claim he owes them money knowing that all four are ex-cons.

In fact, the men suspect Colquitt isn't paying them because they are ex-cons.

"I guess our story might not be credible to people," says McKinney. "But people need to understand that...we are being frauded. We're not out here trying to do harm to people. We're out here trying to be civilized people, you know what I'm saying? And you have people like this holding our past against us and I just don't think it's right."

"I think he feels like we don't have any standing in the community or with the authorities and he wouldn't have to worry about it being our word against his," says Fleming.

Collectively the men say they are owed over $5,000.00 for helping to landscape and sod the two large lots.

Colquitt admits he owes the workers money but says the amount owed is no where near what they claim.

Air date: February 7th, 2014