Exclusive: Parents of Murdered Little Rock Man Jason Jackson Want Justice

By Katherina-Marie Yancy

(KATV) Little Rock - The death of a 28-year old Little Rock man has been ruled a homicide. Jason Jackson was found shot to death in his car off Arch Street Friday.

Friends and family don't understand why this happened. A local hero, he had a successful tour in Iraq only to be killed back home.

His parents say, "Jason was a great fine young man, he had a great future ahead of him. He loved kids, his church and he just started his journey to become a doctor."

In his 28-years Jason Jackson lived a full life. A Sergeant First Class, decorated soldier, active in his community, a realtor and a current student preparing for med school.

But Friday, sheriff's deputies knocked on the Hinton's door and gave them devastating news; their son had been murdered between Thursday and Friday morning.

Darryl Hinton says, "You really can not imagine the pain to lose your child."

A real estate agent found Jackson's lifeless body slumped over in his car in front of a house for sale in the Landmark Community. A house he has been to before, his parents were told he may have been interested in purchasing the home.

At this time the scene does not indicate an attempted robbery. Jackson was shot in the neck.

Still in shock, the Hinton's want to keep their son's case in the spotlight because detectives don't have a suspect or motive and they want justice.

Jackson's mom, Penny Hinton holds back tears, "It's hard for a mother. He's been to Iraq, in a war zone and made it through just fine by the grace of God. After that he comes home and he has a bright future ahead of him and just for it to be taken away like this."

The Hinton's will plan a funeral when Jackson's body is released from the State Crime Lab.

If you have any information, call the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department.

(About a year ago, KATV featured Jackson as one of more than 300- Arkansas National Guard men and women receiving awards after spending a year in Iraq.)

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