Expert Offers Ways Parents Can Ease Back to School Jitters

It's August and many families are beginning to turn their sights to the upcoming school year.

Some kids may be less excited than others. Dr. Wendy Cunningham of the Cleveland Clinic cites some common questions.

"Is my teacher going to be nice? Will my teacher like me? What kids are going to be in my classroom? Can I make good connections with friends and classmates," she said.

Dr. Cunningham says the best way to confront this anxiety is to make children familiar with their new surroundings. But, the best thing parents can do is to remain positive, even if you're having some "back to school jitters" yourself.

"It's probably the biggest tip I give parents. Be sure you're managing your own anxiety about it because the kids really need us as the adults to be encouraging and show confidence that they can do it and it's going to be ok," she said.

Dr. Cunningham says it's important for parents to share similar experiences they may have had in school.

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