ExxonMobil agrees to release information to CAW under one condition

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -{}With the threat of a lawsuit, ExxonMobil agreed to release critical information about the pipeline that ruptured in Mayflower but it may not be enough.{}

Central Arkansas Water gave the oil{}giant sixty days to turn over the information and Wednesday Exxon announced it would do it under one condition.

Thursday{}marks six months since the disaster in Mayflower. And Wednesday Exxon agreed to release this information under the condition that the water company would not release it to the public. The problem{}is that{}it could{}break the law.

"The information that we've been requesting since the break they have not provided," said Robert Hart with Central Arkansas Water (CAW).

Hart says it's been an unexpectedly long fight with Exxon to get their hands on what they say is important information on the condition of the Pegasus Pipeline which runs through the Lake Maumelle Watershed.

"Our desire is to ensure the integrity of the pipeline and maintain the safety of the water supply to our customers," said Hart.

Well,{}Wednesday Exxon agreed to release that information under the condition that{}CAW would not release some of{}it to the public.

"They are asking through the confidentiality agreement that anything they label as confidential we will respect that request by theirs to not release to the public," he said.

Problem is{}CAW must follow Arkansas' Freedom of Information act which would make these documents public information. Exxon claims they have security and competitive concerns if the information gets out. In a statement they sent channel 7 they said the following:

"We have been working with CAW for the past several months to identify an appropriate way to share pipeline integrity data pertaining to the Maumelle watershed, including un-redacted test results. As communicated to them last week, we are close to being able to do that."

If an agreement is not reached, there is one option CAW is not ruling out.

"We could file an injunction to stop the restart of the pipeline," he said.{}"However, we are not to that point yet."

CAW says it will have to see if the information Exxon releases under the confidentiality agreement will be enough to answer their questions on the pipeline.

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