ExxonMobil transitioning to remedial phase

MAYFLOWER (KATV) - A tour of the areas impacted by the oil spill in Mayflower on Saturday{}shows how much progress has been made in the clean up efforts.{}

"You'll see us{}transition from an emergency response to more of a remedial phase{}where those small things that have to be done will be done. Maintenance and maintain, and we're getting there in this area," says Karen Tyrone, Vice President of Operations at ExxonMobil.{} "We have more work to do over in the marsh and the clove clearly, but that transition's good."

The pipeline burst happened on March 29th.{} There was a 22 foot rupture in the pipeline.{} The damaged pipe has been sent to a research lab in Texas to determine the cause.{}{}It has been replaced{}over 50 feet of new pipe.

Faulkner County Judge, Allen Dodson, wants to assure residents that if there is a problem as a result of the spill in the future from the spill, ExxonMobil will be{}held responsible.{} He says, "If anything crops up, then Exxon will have to remediate it. That'll be under the direction of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and I've made it clear that I want to be involved with that.{} Of course, Exxon is willing to be involved.{} I'm going to make sure that things are made right."