Eyewitnesses tell about events surrounding robbery at bank

A man is shot during a robbery attempt at a bank parking lot in west Little Rock early Monday afternoon; police say the gunman is still on the loose.

Out of the ordinary is a good way to put the series of event, which turned into a very scary situation for customers witnessing the armed robbery. Then, a citizen got involved with a gun of his own.

Yellow tape surrounded the Arvest Bank on Chenal Parkway, and the tape was even draped around the gas station next door.

"I mean I've heard a shooting before, I've heard shootings at a club before but not like somebody getting shot gun-point you know," said Stephen Bailey from Little Rock.

Bailey stopped by to get gas following a job interview, little did he know he'd witness someone else fueling up pull a gun on the robber.

"He pulled his gun out to try to stop them. He shot at them because he saw the incident," Bailey added. "As he was shooting at them he missed his car and hit another bystander's car."

The first shot was fired at a customer in the bank parking lot when a nearby gas station owner came to make a deposit.

"First he shot to the ground, then he must've shot 'em twice and grabbed his bag away," said an anonymous witness to the shooting.

The eyewitness parked next to the getaway car said she helped tend to the shooting victim who suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

"I panic after the fact, you know you just kind of have to react," she added. "My concern was obviously this man was targeted. My concern was for him and I didn't know what I was going to find when I went around the corner of the vehicle; if he was alive or not."

Little Rock Police Department told KATV it interviewed two possible suspects earlier. Those two men were taken from a nearby apartment complex where the believed getaway vehicle was located.

No formal charges have been filed.

As for the citizen who shot at the car, police said he has a concealed carry permit. As for facing any charges that decision will come from the prosecuting attorney's office once this investigation is final.