FAA closing 149 regional airport control towers, including two in Arkansas

The FAA announced Friday it's planning to close 149 regional airport control towers due to forced spending cuts including two in Arkansas.

Both Texarkana Regional Webb Field and Drake Field in Fayetteville will be affected. The plans involve closing the towers over a four week period beginning April 7.

Despite no air traffic controllers in the towers, these airports will stay open. Pilots will have to communicate with one another about landing and taking off.

Critics worry shutting down the towers could impact safety.

"There's going to be close calls. There's going to be midairs. There's going to be a runway accident," said Mamie Ambrose, a Maryland air traffic controller.

Some pilots agree.

"Tragically, something is going to happen and then were going to review this decision," said Craig Fuller with Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

The FAA said it will manage the system by reducing volume, not reducing safety.

For the complete list of air traffic control towers to be closed, click here.