Facebook Helps Crack Case

Scam artists used to use the telephone or the mail to get into your home and then try to get in your purse or wallet.

Now they use social media.

We visited with a family today that used technology to turn the tables on a thief.

How did they do it?

It was admittedly a Hail Mary. But as football fans know...sometimes Hail Marys are answered.

Someday a motorized three-wheeler will belong to three year-old Damien.

But for now he relies on his mom to give him rides on the trike his dad custom built.

But back in May...someone stole the bike right out of the family's front yard.

"Cyndi went to the grocery store," recalls Tony Zumbroski. "I went to go to the bathroom. I come back out and it was gone from the front yard."

Keith Robinson is one of about 23,000 people who visit the Facebook group called "Man's Swap Shop."

He hopped on last week after a long day of fixing air conditioners.

The site features all kinds of guy stuff for sale: grills, guns, rims, deer stands. and motorcycles.

"I get on the swap shop that I normally look at just to see what is on there and see if there are any good deals and the first thing that popped up was the trike," says Robinson.

The trike pic had been posted by Zumbroski earlier that day.

And Robinson had seen the bike while on a service call earlier that day.

The new owner said he bought the trike months ago at the White Hall Flea Market, which is open every Sunday.

After a brief investigation by the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department, the trike is back where it belongs...making Damien happy.

"Thank you to everybody that helped," offers Zumbroski. "It made my little boy really happy."

"I'm just glad he's got his bike back and I hope he has fun with it," says Robinson. "It's pretty cool."

As for who stole the three-wheeler and who sold it at the White Hall flea market...those things remain under investigation.

Air date: August 14th, 2013


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