Faith Helped Wrongfully Jailed Arkansan


After spending 55 days falsely imprisoned in a Louisiana jail a Little Rock man is wrapping up his first full day back home.

We were there last night when his family got to see him for the first time in nearly two months.

Bryant Davis Jr. shared one barracks-like room with 50 other men inside the Morehouse Parish jail.

He witnessed numerous fights, was fed horrible food and read his Bible every day. And missed his family every day.

Bryant Davis Jr. is welcomed home by his five children who have no doubt been wondering where he has been since September 6th.

"I didn't want my son to know I was in jail," says Davis Jr. "I told 'em don't nobody tell him I'm in jail. Just tell him I'm out of town until we get it worked out. I didn't want him to know. And they was asking you want us to bring them down there to see you? No...I don't want them to see me in jail...because I don't want them to grow up and feel that jail is acceptable."

Someone using Bryant's personal information cashed a check at a Bastrop grocery store last year.

Although there was surveillance video of the transaction, and although the man in the video looks nothing like Bryant Davis Jr., he was thrown in jail anyway.

"They had the video the entire time," laments Davis Jr. "They just never bothered to look at it. They wasn't going to look at it."

Davis Jr. has shared with his father, sister and others how bad the conditions were at the jail.

Mold, cold food, bugs in the food, fighting without consequence.

He hopes to find a way to expose what he experienced and improve things for future inmates.

But for now, he is just thankful and grateful for the life he lost for nearly two months.

"It made me understand and realize that I have a family that really loves me and cares about me," says Davis Jr. "I have friends that really love and care about me. The support was unbelievable that I had when I was down there."

In addition to missing his kids and family, Davis Jr. says he missed coaching youth football.

His focus next week will be...finding a new job.

Air date: November 1st, 2013