Family awakened by late night intruders

A family tells Channel 7 they were awakened by a loud noise, and then startled to find two intruders breaking into their home.

It happened near Chicot Road in southwest Little Rock, now the family is taking a more proactive step to prevent it from happening to others.

Tim and Tamicka Spencer were extremely rattled Saturday night when someone broke into their home, in fact they didn't sleep the rest of the night.

However, what they found out from their neighbors shocked them a little more.

Tim Spencer showed us the door, which is now boarded up as they look for a replacement. His wife, Tamicka, told us they got all the kids in their room following the event, but were never able to get any rest.

"It was just traumatic for all of us," she said.

Staying up the rest of the night, the couple decided Sunday was time to let others in their neighborhood know what happened. They walked around putting up signs, and also handing out flyers.

"This is happening in our neighborhood, it happened to us. Two black males broke into our house," Spencer said as he walked up to a stopped vehicle.

It was during their venture throughout the neighborhood that they found out they weren't alone.

"I'm hearing that all of these houses had been burglarized, besides myself, and they were actually being kicked in," Tamicka Spencer said.

"The door was being kicked in, so it was the same cycle being repeated and no one has been informed."

From their neighbor across the street, who had his home broken into last week, to another who has had theirs burglarized multiple times, the Spencer's hope they can all start looking out for one another.

"We have to protect each other, as well as the police trying to protect us. We have to do our best to protect our family," she added.

We were unable to get a response from Little Rock police on the number of break-ins in that area of the Capital City.

Police recommend simple things like leave your outside lights on at night, even if you're out of town. Don't forget to always lock your doors, and set your home alarm system if you have one. Also, once Christmas has passed don't set out boxes from high priced purchases on the curb.