Family demands answers after two brothers killed and suspect out on bond

SALINE COUNTY (KATV)--Frustrated and fearful for their lives. Channel 7 sits down with a family who is still seeking justice after two brothers are murdered in Saline County.

C.D. Spann was arrested for the shootings, but hasn't been formally charged.

We first reported on this double homicide last October, but since, Spann has posted bond and now the victims' family is demanding answers. They say they're scared that this killer is out free.

On October 6th, Saline County Sheriff's Investigators were on the scene of a double homicide on Hogue Road in Mabelvale. Michael and Donald Williams were both found with fatal gunshot wounds.

"It's been lonely, I miss my husband and his kids miss him too," said Michael's widow, Sondra Williams.

Williams is seeking justice for her husband Michael and brother-in -law Donald.

"This man is still walking the road, he lives about three houses down from us, we fear for our lives," added Williams.

The man Williams speaks of is C.D. Spann, the shooter according the police, was arrested, but shortly after posted bond. He's facing two counts of first degree murder, but has yet to be formally charged.

"How many eye witnesses do you need for something to be done?" said Williams' brother, Robert.

Robert said, Spann shot at him twice but missed, and when police arrived, they had three additional witnesses who gave statements. He adds, now all they can do is hope for justice, as they'll continue to live in fear as long as Spann remains free.

"If he would of shot me too, I figured the dude would of just buried us out in the woods and not said nothing," added Robert.

Saline County Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Rebecca Bush wouldn't go on camera, but did say she couldn't comment because it's an on-going investigation.

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