Family faces robbers in Jacksonville home invasion

A Jacksonville family faced robbers Wednesday night when three men broke into their home.

The victims said their doorbell rang around 8:40 PM. When the husband answered, three black men forced their way into the home on Charlotte Circle and demanded money.

The husband said he told them he didn't have any money but the robbers pushed him out of the way. The three men ran into the bedroom where the wife was and demanded money again.

When the husband repeated that he did not have money, one of the suspects pointed a brown automatic pistol at him. He handed over $30 of cash out of his wallet. The suspects also took a gold chain, a diamond ring, a cellphone, a three diamond necklace, and small flat screen TV.

The wife described the suspects as wearing black hoodies with the hoods pulled tight around their faces.

Witnesses saw the suspects running away from the home and down the road. Officers later caught up with their car but two of the suspects managed to run away.

The third, 19-year-old Jontae Henry, was caught. He is now charged with aggravated residential burglary and theft of property.

Police found a cellphone, a handgun, and a flat screen TV in the car. Anyone with information about this home invasion robbery is asked to call Jacksonville police.