UPDATE: Family friend turns herself in for toddler's hit-and-run death, mother speaks

PULASKI COUNTY (KATV) -The mother of a toddler killed in a hit-and-run said she wants an apology. This after a family friend turns herself into police for the boy's death.

Jaylen Diggs' mother said 27-year-old Kyisha Durham has never said she's sorry for hitting and killing the boy back on March 11 even now that she's turned herself in to authorities.

But the news doesn't come as a surprise to her. Imunique Ruiz said Durham was visibly shaken at the hospital the day after the accident. Family and friends even told Ruiz that they believed Durham was behind the wheel, something she adamantly denied. But even now with the suspect facing two charges, including negligent homicide, Ruiz said she doesn't hate Durham and only wants her to learn from what she did and realize the value of an apology.

"I know deep in my heart she never said, 'Ok, I'm on my way home to hit this baby,'" she said. "Apologizing to someone's mother or to someone's child that you've done something wrong [to] will go a long way than to have a lot of people dislike you."

Ruiz also talked about what she hopes happens to Durham. Don't miss this emotional interview tonight on Nightside.

PULASKI COUNTY (KATV) - Friday a four-month long search came to a painful end as relatives learned the woman accused of killing the 3-year-old Jaylen Diggs on March 11th was a family friend. The same woman who consoled them hours after the boy's death.

"We was planning his birthday party and we ended up planning his funeral," said Morrisa Hobbs, the toddler's aunt.

Hobbs says that Monday was the day her family's life changed for ever. Little Jaylen was hit by a car when he ran across the parking lot outside of their Park Crest apartment building. The driver sped off. Jaylen was rushed to hospital.

"When we seen him, that was the hardest thing in the world to see," she said.

Jaylen died three days after the accident. Hobbs says the boy's mother is still struggling with her son's death.

"I go to the house every day," she said about her sister. "She is trying to get back up but her spirit has been so down, I mean every day we see it processing and getting worse from the day he passed."

But today with the alleged killer in custody the family closed one chapter of this tragedy only to open up another painful one.

"It was a family friend for years," she said.

27-year-old Kyisha Durham turned herself in to Sherwood police Friday for the boy's death.

"It's hard because we all feel like we no longer lost one person," she said "We lost four people at the same time because we all have fallen apart."

But Hobbs says now that Durham is being charged with the boy's death, she hopes she pays for what she allegedly did.

"Hopefully, it will be done as a felony," she said. "That is what we are praying for, a felony."

Durham is charged with negligent homicide and failure to render aid after leaving the scene of an accident. Each count is a misdemeanor. She is out on a $5,000 dollar bond.