Family frustrated with no leads in Samantha Olson murder

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--Still no arrests and a family left without answers after a young mother is murdered.

31-year-old Samantha Cass Olson was gunned down in an apparent random shooting.

It happened in broad daylight about two months ago near the intersection of McCain and JFK Boulevards in North Little Rock.

Not only was today the victim's mother's birthday, but this Sunday, Olson would have turned 32.

Police tell Channel 7, they continue to sift through evidence and clues, but still don't have enough to make any arrests.

The video shows what the intersection of JFK and McCain Boulevards looks like on a Tuesday afternoon, and what this same intersection looked like on August 14th, when Olson was shot, while driving with her baby in the car.

"My sister's murder was broad daylight, at a busy intersection, how do you not have a description of a person, what color were they? What were they wearing? How do you not have that, two and a half months later? I don't get it, I'm annoyed at this point," said April Ibarra, the victim's sister.

Sadness has slowly turned into frustration for Olson's sister, Ibarra, as still to this day; no one has been named responsible for the murder of her sister.

"Without justice it's really hard to come to a closure or grievance, I mean yes you can grieve through the funeral, you get a little bit of closure throughout the years. Yes she's deceased, but at the end of the day, the person is still out therestill living his life," added Ibarra.

With the clock ticking, North Little Rock Police are still trying to track down this truck caught on surveillance.

Police believe the killer was driving this Maroon F-150, model year 2007 to 2010.

"The person responsible for this, I doubt they have any remorse, it's been so long, that's between them and the higher power they believe in. They have a conscious, and I don't understand how they could do something like this," said Ibarra.

The family continues to plea to anyone with information to contact NLPD at (501) 758-1234.

Ibarra tells Channel 7 that Olson's daughter turned one-year-old on September 16th, and that she's a healthy and happy baby.