Family in hiding after shooting, no suspect identified

A shooting today leaves a community in shock and sends a family into hiding. It happened early today when Ronald Moore Jr. was on his way to work and found a stranger on his property.

"We don't know who what happened," said Lt. Chris Ameling, of the Pulaski Sherrif's Dept. "You know basically that the car was sitting there someone was outside with a shotgun and they shot at him," he said.

Ronald Moore was on his way to work early this morning when he allegedly noticed a heavy set woman standing near her car in the middle of his driveway.

"When he got there to see if they needed any assistance, I guess they looked like they needed assistance plus it's not a public road so there really shouldn't have been any cars up there," said Ameling.

Moore drove up to the woman, rolled down his window and she said the words "I'm sorry". He then heard a bang.

"When he started to roll down his window from somewhere around that car a shotgun was discharged into his vehicle, blowing out his driver side window and damaging the windshield," said Ameling.

Moore, who was not injured by the shot gun pellets, allegedly drove to his uncle's house shortly after and called the police. The shooter has not been found and there are no suspects.

"At this time I mean we're investigating all avenues. As you can see on the report There's a gold four-door passenger car and a female. That's the information we have right now we're trying to put together suspects," said Ameling.

The family is offering a $6,500 reward to anyone with information on the shooter.