Double homicide victim's family speaks out

Family members of a man who was killed in a suspicious double homicide on Friday are speaking out.

David Murphy, 41, and Charity Hall, 29, were found dead in a home on Spring Street. Police have classified the deaths as a double homicide.

Firefighters were dispatched to the home on Friday morning for a house fire.

When firefighters arrived, they found Murphy and Hall dead then called the police. Family and friends of both victims arrived to the crime scene shortly after police, looking for answers.

According to Murphy's family, they still do not know if Murphy died before the fire or if he died from the fire.

Murphy's brother, Robert Murphy, and his grandmother, Pearlie Janiel, said Murphy did not live in the house where his body was found, but grew up a couple of blocks away from there.

The family said they cannot make funeral arrangements because police have not released the body to them.

Robert Murphy said his brother served time in prison for drug related charges, but he came home a changed man.

"He wasn't the guy who went in. He was a totally different guy when he came out. He was more settled, more grounded, more focused, and more family oriented," Robert said. "We know that someone's responsible for it so, I hope that whomever it is find and make peace with themselves, because that wasn't right, they took a good guy."

Police have still not identified a suspect and have not released what caused Murphy's and Hall's deaths.