Family of fallen Conway PD officer gets to hear his heart beat again

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Emotionsran high on Sunday for the families of Conway Police Officer William McGary andCharles Connor.{} The two families met,both joined by the heart of McGary who was killed by an intoxicated driverwhile directing traffic around an accident.

"I was watching the newsthat Friday night in my hospital bed," mentioned Charles Connor, referencingthe first time he had heard the name William McGary.

Connor was dying ofcongestive heart failure when he heard the news of McGary's untimelydeath.{} Connor didn't know that the herokilled that night would end up being his hero.

"You know I want to try totake care of this heart the best that I can," said Connor.

Connor received McGary'sheart in a transplant procedure, described a lengthy, the day after McGarydied.

More than a year later theMcGary family finally got to meet the man whose life was saved by their son.

"That was the first thingwe heard or saw," said Tanya McGary, Will's mother, talking about hisheartbeat.{} "Will had life, and a smileand all of that when he was born, so the next best thing is hearing his heart."

They were able to listento Will's heart beat inside Connor with the use of a stethoscope.

"It was like anoverwhelming feeling," described McGary.{}"It was almost like that big hug feeling that you get, that will used togive me.{} It was that kind of feeling."

It was just asoverwhelming for Connor as he realized what had to happen in order for him tolive.

"A life was given up tosave mine," said Connor.

But now it's the reasonboth families stress the importance of organ donation.

"People need to know thatdonors save lives," said Connor.

"It's changed their lives,"said McGary.{} "They have a chance at lifeagain to live half the life that Will got to live."

Will's family and about adozen Conway police officers will travel to Washington in May to see his nameimmortalized in the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.