Family of Saline County murder victim speaks out, says no-where near the suspect's property

SALINE COUNTY (KATV) - Hannah Logan calls the man who supposedly gunned down her step father and step uncle, "a cold blooded killer." Brothers, Michael and Donny Williams were allegedly murdered by C.D. Spann after Logan said he popped out of the woods and shot them.

The shooting supposedly didn't come without warning, but according to Logan that warning came weeks before the shooting. Logan recounts Spann coming to the family's home claiming he had seen people riding ATV's through his property and threatened to shoot anyone who did.

Logan says her step uncle Michael, was riding his four-wheeler through the woods to come and see her family, but it was nowhere near Spann's property line.

Michael Williams and his other brother Robert were returning to their home on their ATV, back from visiting Logan, her stepfather Donny and the rest of their family. It was then when Spann supposedly jumped out of the woods just behind Donny Williams' property, according to Logan.

"It was probably about 20 yards at the most, right into the woods behind our house and the man popped out and he had a gun in his hand and he put it to them," said Logan. "He put it to Michael and said, 'Which one of you wants to die?'"

Logan said when her father heard the gunshots he ran into the woods to find his brother. According to her, Michael was already laying on the ground dead.

"Donny, my stepdad, he had walked up to him and touched him on his face and he was about to start sobbing," said Logan.

But that's when Logan said Spann supposedly went up to her father and shot him too.

"To walk up and shoot two men in cold blood for not even being on his property, nowhere near his property, honestly I hate him," said Logan. "He took the only father I had away."

Hannah Logan's biological father was also murdered 13 years ago. She said not only did Spann hurt her family but also Michael's and all the people that loved them.

Spann remains behind bars in the Saline County Jail on $250,000 bond.