Family pleads for information in hit and run death of teenager

(KATV) The family of the Pulaski County 15 year old who died after being hit by a car is pleading for the driver that fled to come forward. The incident happened at about 9 p.m. Thursday on Willow Springs Road.

Masen Faver and a friend were walking a few blocks to his girlfriend's house. It's a walk they have taken many times before on the busy two lane road. A route his family worried about. His older sister Summer Wilkerson was trying to get her kids ready for bed. Today, she cries, "A lot guilty right now. It's really upsetting for me because if he would have waited 10-minutes, I would have taken him."

Masen's friend told the family what happened. Henrietta Bruton is Masen's grandmother. She says, "Liam saw the car coming up behind Masen and he tried to warn him and Masen looked around and he hit him and then drove off."

Family arrived at the scene before the ambulance or hospital helicopter. Summar says he was already dead, lying in the ditch. She cries, "Now we don't have him. How can you sleep at night knowing you hit somebody and just drove off?"

Lt. Cody Burk with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office says the driver faces felony hit and run. "The driver had stopped for a short period of time and then left the scene. We're following up on leads that we got over night and we're checking that out."

Aunt, Lisa Faver says Masen lives on because they donated his organs. "They'll be using his arteries and some skin for a burn victim and that means a lot to us."

Bruton adds, "Accidents happen. If you would have stopped and helped him, that was an accident, but when you throw him in the ditch and drive off and leave him lying there, that's not an accident." Summar adds, "That's murder."

Deputies are looking for a white sedan, possibly a Chevrolet, with front damage to the right side.

If you have any information, call the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office at (501) 340-6963.

Family has set up an account at Summit bank to help pay for funeral cost. It is in the victim, Masen Faver's name.