Family stunned formal charges not filed in Ward murder case

The family of a man killed at his boss's house in Ward continues to fight for justice to be served.

Earnest Hoskins Jr. was shot and killed while at work almost two months ago, and his family is still upset that the man they believe responsible remains free.

Hoskins would've been 22-years-old January 8. He was set to get married in December. However, a sudden murder stopped him short of those things. A new development in the case Monday gives his family hope that the suspected killer will be formally charged.

Friends and family members of Hoskins told stories and memories about the person they lost at a tribute to his life on Monday.

The lady sitting next to him on that tragic day told us what she saw.

"He pulled the trigger, and nothing happened. Then he lifted it up and he cocked it back, pointed it at his head then he pulled the trigger again," said Rachel Watson.

That shot ultimately killed Hoskins, while the man she said responsible for firing that shot was his boss, Christopher Reynolds, who Watson was there to see about interviewing for a job.

"He was sitting beside me, so he fell over pretty much on me. I mean I knew he was dead when it happened," she added.

Monday during the first hearing in this case it was revealed a special prosecutor will be assigned to figure out what charges are coming. Although Reynolds was initially arrested then freed on bond, he remains free without any charges.

"The only thing that the probable cause affidavit did was recommended what the charges should be," said Benjamin L. Crump, attorney for the Hoskins family.

"At this time there have been no formal charges against Earnest Hoskins' killer."

Formal charges aren't expected to be filed in this case until the special prosecutor is able to review evidence presented.