Family survives house being lifted by tornado, moved feet from foundation

PARON (KATV) - Incredible stories of survival emerging from the rubble of Sunday's devastating tornado.{} A family right next door to a home where three people were killed in Pulaski County managed to make it out alive. "This was the front - this was the stairs that came up to our porch and our front door was right here," remembered Lance Hobday, his house sucked up in the tornado that hit Paron.{} It was moved about 15 feet off of its cinder-block foundation. "[The house] moved back to where the back of the house used to be." Sunday, when the storm was approaching their Deer Drive home, Hobday's wife said they needed to take cover.{} She knew something was going to happen. "This is where we survived - in this little closet," said Hobday.{} "We all piled in there." Hobday, his wife and six year-old daughter Hannah huddled and prayed in the small front hall coat closet.{} While inside the closet, underneath coats and jackets, Hobday could hear the roof being ripped off the house and then he felt the house move; he described it as a rollercoaster ride. "My daughter kept saying, 'Are we going to die?{} Are we going to die?' and I didn't really know what to say," said Hobday. After the family heard silence from the storm they had to bust through a window to get out of their home. "That's when I heard the neighbor's kids in my backyard screaming for help," lamented Hobday.{} Their next door neighbors, the Tittles, unfortunately weren't as lucky as they were - losing a father and two children. Now their bedroom is trashed, their freezer, washing and dryer machines tossed around like toys - the floors are warped, covered in insulation from a now non-existant attic.{} Unfortunately because the damage is so severe in places like Vilonia and Mayflower, Hobday said their insurance agent still hasn't had time to get to them.{} But he and his wife feel fortunate enough to at least have insurance unlike many other victims. "You know within 30 seconds it was over," said Hobday.{} "We were here and that's the best thing."