Family Offering $15k reward in unsolved Faulkner County murder

(KATV) The family of a Faulkner County man who was murder in his home, is speaking out for the first time. Larry Billings was shot on October 29th, his teenage son found him.

Faulkner County deputies have persons of interest, but have not made an arrest in the case.

The victim, Larry Billings has six kids, the youngest are teenagers. They're trying to get used to life in the new normal without their father and they are speaking for the first time, hoping reward money will help lead to an arrest.

Alicia Billings Page says, "It was like, he was our dad but in some ways it was it seemed like with everyone else, he was a little bit there's too. We just hope that drives everyone to help get this resolved."

On October 29th, Larry Billings was shot and killed. When his family came home, they found him dead, in a bedroom, no forced entry or gun. Alicia adds, "If anybody has heard anything or seen anything. Even if it is insignificant they might otherwise blow off, that could mean the difference between this lead and this lead coming together."

That's why the family has come up with a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. "If we had more we would probably try but we just came up with everything we could."

Their focus is to find out who killed their father. Alicia explains, "I think the hardest part is just trying to figure out what happened. We may not ever get the 'why' but we need somewhere to focus our anger right now and we need to be able to get past that because right now we can't even grieve."

Alicia is Billings oldest daughter. She says it helps to hear stories of what their dad meant to others, and hopefully he won't be forgotten. "He worked his whole life, two jobs, sometimes three. Here in the past few years he was finally able to retire and actually start spending good quality time, just family stuff with us. That makes it even harder that we got cheated out of a lot."

The reward is being offered through the Faulkner County Sheriff's office.

Captain Matt Rice says this is a solvable case and they have significant evidence they can't disclose.

Billings Blue 2007 Nissan Titan is still missing, and it might be a link they need to crack the case. The license plate is 631 MEM.

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Friends created two Facebook pages in memory of Larry Billings. Alicia says, "We just wanted to say thank you." For R.I.P Larry, click here and for For RIP Mr. Larry, click here