Family's Christmas Presents Stolen From Under Tree

(KATV)-A Jefferson County family's Christmas presents were stolen from underneath their Christmas tree yesterday during a burglary.

Steve Jacks came home yesterday after picking up his grandson to find his family's gifts had been opened and stolen. Among the gifts was a Playstation, iPods and iPads. The thieves also took guns and TVs.

"Got back home a little later in the afternoon about two o'clock and realized somebody had kicked in my side door to our house and as me and my grandson walked in the house he said paw paw, you've been robbed," Jacks said.

Jacks' family lives across the street and saw the burglars, whom they described as two males in a blue SUV. The family assumed the men were delivering a package.

"They saw the vehicle pull up, but my wife does a lot of shopping on the Internet and they thought it was just somebody delivering another package," Jacks said.

Jacks says he hopes other people with learn a lesson from their experience and watch their neighbor's homes closely during the holiday season.

"I just wish right here at Christmas people would realize it's just not about the gifts. It's about watching after your neighbor and being more alert. You know, it's about family," Jacks said.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has no suspects at this time.