Fans react to Razorback hire, Malzahn's departure

It's been a crazy day in the world of football for Arkansas. Two bombshells were dropped today with Bret Bielema being named the new head Hog but of course we can't forget about{}ASU's head coach announcing his departure for Auburn. Needless to say, fan weren't to happy about it but they weren't completely surprised. Here's what they said about what's ahead for Arkansas football.

"I think Beilema will be a good hire, you know, great program a lot of history. He's a good coach you know. If you look at what they did to Nebraska you know it can only forebode well for Arkansas and its fans,' said Blake Landua.

"I think it's sad for Arkansas State I mean he's a great coach obviously I mean he did great at Auburn he did great at{}ASU and you know Auburn's not the best place in the world to go if it were me I'd love for him to have stayed at ASU,' said Gene Gephardt.