Farmers-only dating website

PROCTOR (WPTY) - If dating dozens of women at the same time in front of millions on TV is not your thing, how about something a little more down to earth?

Farmers work the land from sun-up till sun-down -- not much time left to look for love. That's the problem for the people who feed us.

Now a new website is making finding a soul mate easier for America's farmers.

"Farmers and ranchers are very lonely and working 100 hours a week," said Jerry Miller, the creator of "Don't have time to socialize."

"A lot of people think it's a joke," said Miller. "I started it because I saw there was a real need."

No matter how real the need may be, it's still not for everybody.

"I'd rather meet someone in person," said Arkansas farmer David Scatving.

If's membership is any measure, Scatving is quickly becoming the minority. As of mid-march, they were up to 400,000 lonely farmers and ranchers. Fifty-thousand of those joined in just the last six months.

If you want to join up, Miller recommended forgetting the sports car in your profile picture. He said Farmers Only members are more impressed if you sit on a tractor.

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