Teenager dies in single car crash, 4 injured

(KATV) Bryant - A single car crash claims the life of a Saline County teenager and injures four of her friends. The teenagers were traveling down Northlake Road at about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning, that's between a Bryant Middle School and elementary. The driver lost control and the car hit a tree.

The three boys and two girls are from the Benton/Bryant area. Police have not released the names of the injured victim's but Arkansas Children's Hospital confirms, the deceased is a female, 17-year old Drew Melton.

For Melton's Obituary, click here.

We've all been on a road like Northlake, winding with hills, no shoulder or street lights. This is the hill where the car likely went airborne as it reached the top. Police marked the road where the car landed, you can tell because a tire rim cut into the blacktop. There were no visual signs the driver attempted to brake.

"I heard an explosion." Jim Booe says the scene was horrendous. Bark up to six feet high is missing from trees near his home. He says the car was going so fast it continued past about three large trees it hit. "The car was in three pieces, the engine was at least 60 feet from the car. The car pieces were 20 to 25 feet apart and scattered throughout the woods everywhere."

All five were ejected on impact. Police don't doubt the teens were wearing seatbelts, but they're still investigating to determine. Booe says some seats were outside the car and there is a possibility the teens were ejected with their seats. Two teens were airlifted to hospitals. Booe says the other three seemed to have broken bones.

Seventeen year old Drew Milton was a passenger. She lost her life.

Booe says, "This is just a lesson and it's a strong one."

This isn't the first fatal crash on Northlake, but Booe says there are close calls daily. "This is unnecessary. Speed brakes, that is what they need. We have schools full of little kids on one side and another school on the other side. We need something to slow everybody down."

Investigators plan to reconstruct the accident to better understand what happened, including exactly how fast the teens were driving.

Even though school is out for the Thanksgiving Holiday, news spread fast and friends are holding a candlelight vigil Wednesday night at 7 p.m. For that story and to hear what Drew's parents had to say, click here.

BRYANT (KATV) - Police are investigating after five teenagers, ages 16-17, were in a car accident overnight, killing at least one of them.

All five were thrown from the car after the driver reportedly lost control and hit a tree around 1:00 Wednesday morning on North Lake Road.

Sgt. Todd Crowson with Bryant PD told Channel 7 News in a phone interview that all the teens were taken to area hospitals. The teens' names and conditions have not been released.