Fatal shooting sparks reaction from Stop the Violence

Little Rock police continue to investigate a fatal shooting on the city's southwest side.Police got a call about a shooting at 8911 Victoria shortly after 10:00 p.m. Saturday.They found Marco Avila, 31, in the front room with at least one gunshot wound, according to police.Witnesses told officers they heard a gunshot and saw four suspects leaving the area.Police say the four men were black and the victim was Hispanic. "If these were white people dying at an alarming rate like is in the black community, this city would be shut down," said Rev. Benny Johnson, founder of Stop the Violence. "I said it before the city board one night, and I said until the Lord come back, if we were losing white people like we're losing black people, man they'd be calling the National Guard in to shut this city down and make sure no more white people get killed."Johnson said Monday black people are being shot in the streets "like wild game" at an alarming rate.He met with the governor's Deputy Chief of Staff Monday morning to discuss the problem.Johnson is calling on the governor to step in and provide state assistance to local police in an effort to cut down the number of murders against blacks.