Father and Son Murdered Thirty Years Apart

Cabot, AR- A family pleads for justice and police are investigating the death of Cabot businessman Billy Joe Pipkin, 61, most knew him as Joe.

In a bizarre twist of events his father was murdered 34 years ago Tuesday.

Joe's son-in-law, Brett Busby said, "I love him. We'll always remember him and we won't stop until we find out who did it." He continued, "It's hard to explain to innocent kids why someone would do this to someone."

Lonoke County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Lt. Jim Kulesa said Pipkin's business, KBC Pawn shop was found on fire. When the smoke cleared, Pipkin was shot dead, and merchandise was gone. Kulesa said they do not have any suspects.

Another of Joe's son-in-laws, J.D. Douglas said, "He was a wonderful father-in-law, a wonderful grandfather to my kids, we miss him, we need your help."

Family and friends gathered outside the pawn shop along Highway 367 just like they did 8 years ago at a White County courthouse. Joe's father, Abe Pipkin's, 71, killer Gary Evans was on trial.

In 1977, Abe was a retired Beebe police officer who was killed when he stumbled upon a burglary and was beaten to death. A jury convicted Evans for Abe's murder in 2003.

In 2003, Joe did an interview about his father.

He said to cameras, "When your father is murdered you have to live with that everyday, especially when you haven't found out who murdered your father."

Now his family goes through those same emotions with his death. Deputies say they are not ruling out the possibility the father and son murders may be related.

ATF is offering an award of $5,000 for information leading to the person responsible in Monday's murder.