Faulkner County seeking death penalty in Father's Day murder

CONWAY (KATV) -- Faulkner County prosecutors appeared in court todayannouncing they will seek the death penalty against a man charged with capitalmurder for a 2013 Father's Day murder in Conway.

Earlier this year 23-year-old Quenton Alexander of Conwaywas found shot to death in his car at the Motel 6 parking lot in Conway. Investigatorslater arrested Alexander's 27-year-old cousin, Lee Foster, of Morrilton for theshooting.

Foster appeared again in court Wednesday not only on acapital murder charge, but the prosecution is after the death penalty in thistrial that's expected to begin about a year from now.

Faulkner County's Prosecuting Attorney Cody Hiland said thenature of the crime, labeling the circumstances aggravating, is the reason it'sseeking conviction and death.

Hiland added this is the very first death sentence hisoffice has filed since he took over as prosecutor in 2011, and he can't recall thelast time it's happened in Faulkner County, if ever.

Sierra Cook, 18, of Morrilton was also arrested in this casefor hindering apprehension, but today we learned her charges are upgraded tocapital murder, although the state will not seek the death penalty.

Foster is represented by a public defender and will have apre-trial hearing on January 29.