2 Arkansas sex offenders fail to register in Idaho

POCATELLO, Idaho (AP) - Two Arkansas sex offenders have been indicted by an Idaho grand jury after prosecutors say they failed to register after moving to that state.

Ronald Lee Chanel and Tyler Zane Clem, both recently of North Little Rock, were indicted this week in U.S. District Court in Pocatello.

Clem, who is 21, pleaded not guilty Thursday, while the 32-year-old Chaney's initial court appearance hasn't been set.

Prosecutors say they moved to Idaho this year but failed to tell authorities about their status as sex offenders or register their addresses.

Witnesses say Clem and Chaney arrived together in Pocatello on July 3.

Chaney was convicted of sexual abuse of a child under 16 in Idaho in 2002.

Clem pleaded guilty to sexual assault in Arkansas in 2012.

Both face a decade behind bars, if convicted.

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