Dumas 5th grader brings BB gun to school, shoots another student

DUMAS (KATV) - A Dumas fifth grader was suspended after bringing a BB gun to school and shooting a classmate. It happened Wednesday morning in the boy's bathroom at Reed elementary.

It's an incident that would terrify any parent. But many Dumas residents say this isn't the first shocking incident at the elementary school.

"He followed him in the bathroom or whatever and shot him," said Chris Sandlin.

He say he she can't understand why a child would go out of his way to harm his son.

"They planned to hurt this child after bullying him for quite some time," said APriscilla Neeley, Sandlin's attorney. "And that's what they did and it'd be all the same if we were going to a funeral right now."

Concerned parent, Scott Gilbreth, says it's no surprise coming from Reed Elementary but it's still disappointing hear.

"Today hearing what took place is very disheartening very concerning," said Gilbreth.

That's why residents are urging school officials to take serious action against students who misbehave.

"Something needs to be done over there, seriously, on protecting this kids," said Sandlin.

But the biggest issue many parents have with the school is that they are just now finding out about what happened. The superintendent for the district says school officials were busy gathering all the necessary information.

"It's difficult to notify parents and get some answers at the same time," said Dr. David Rainey.

But Gilbreth says he refuses to endanger his child while the school figures something out.

"I don't know what other thing to do other than just to check my children out of school for the next couple of days until we can try to figure out a plan to assure that something like this or worse doesn't happen," said Gilbreth.

The victim is fine. The child who brought the BB gun has been charged with assault in the first degree. And the school plans on having a meeting this Monday to talk to concerned parents.