Fights after high school basketball game lead to students arrested

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- Multiple fights break out after a Pulaski County basketball game Tuesday night, resulting in several arrests including two students.

Two students one from Jacksonville and one from Sylvan Hills were arrested following the {}basketball game between the two schools at Sylvan Hills High School.

Multiple fights took place, and threats from one of the students arrested may be reason for strong concern.

During the fight, students took to social media with pictures of the incident.

On Twitter posts like, "Jacksonville and Sylvan Hills.. Yeah tonight proved that we're true rivals," and "just watched about 8 fights at this sylvan hills - jacksonville game," were online.

"We did take a little extra time at the school, look around, get a feel for what the climate was going to be like just in case we needed some more help," said Mike Warner with Pulaski County Special School District.

Warner is PCSSD's director of security, and after reviewing the surveillance tape from the fight, the incident will continue to be investigated but no other students have been suspended.

Things took a scary turn Tuesday night when one of the students arrested yelled to the crowd "he would shoot everyone there", that he was a "BD," according to police "that's for the gang "Black Disciples or Blood Disciples."

Warner believes those comments will not cause a safety concern at school or to students.

"It's really not anything about school nor was it anything about the ball game. It all seems to have stemmed from an event that happened new year's eve," Warner added.

The student that made those terroristic threats is now banned from the Sylvan Hills campus and any future events.

Campus security is likely to have February 25 circled on its calendars, that's when Jacksonville will play host to Sylvan Hills to close out the hoops season.