Final debris sweep date set for Faulkner County

Faulkner County (KATV) - A major milestone was met for tornado recovery efforts in Faulkner County on Friday. The final sweep for curbside debris clean up will start on Monday, June 30th, 2014. Faulkner County Judge Alan Dodson said it's amazing to see how far the affected areas have come in less than two months. 81-year-old Darwin Henry isn't discouraged that piles of neighbor's homes are still along the curb on his Mayflower Street. He sees it as an opportunity to start a-new. Of the affected homes on Henry's street, his is the only one with a finished foundation and skeleton. Henry hopes to spend the holidays in that home. He's also happily engaged to his 76-year-old woman he met in Texas. "Why not be a leader building a house. New beginning, new wife" says Henry. FEMA estimates that 95 percent of the debris in Faulkner County has already been cleaned up. Judge Dodson recalls how far the county has come in such a short time. "People may have been impatient in the beginning but it's like we've told them all along, we're focused on the earliest end date, not the earliest beginning date" says Judge Dodson. Any remaining debris after June 30th will need to be sorted and dropped off to the two designated sites; one is off South Mount Olive in Vilonia, the other near the Plantation subdivision south of Mayflower. All remaining piles need to be sorted into six categories; construction demolition, vegetation/trees, electronic goods, appliances or white goods, household waste and bricks.